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Online CDE Portal for the DESERVING & UNDERSERVED @ ZERO tuition fee

The time is now to give back to our profession. This is the philosophy that we believe in and are blessed to have the realisation and the wherewithal to achieve the resultant goals. The common thread that binds us together is CDE (continuing dental education). In different ways and forms we have been fortunate to be able to reach out to our cohorts with whatever skills and knowledge that we managed to gather over the years.

In Gyan Share Online, we have now planned to do the same albeit with a difference. We wish to touch the dentists' intellect residing and practising in relatively under serviced regions of India, especially involving outlets for learning and opportunities to enhance clinical skills and expertise.

There shall be no tuition fees of any kind. 

Centres for Hands-on @ Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, New Delhi, Raipur




Dr. A Kumarswamy

HE made us equals. Our fortunes varied, opportunities ranged from untimely to the optimal, and destiny was writ, which made us what we are.

As a few of us are scratching at a retirement and or reviewing phases of our professional lives, we thought of giving back to our profession by hand-holding the not so fortunate in the dental fraternity of our country. If skills and knowledge are the two minarets of the citadel of our profession then what better, than to utilise the ubiquitous internet and Wi-Fi medium to touch the individual and collective intellect of the remotest aspiring clinician.

Thus was born an enterprise of Gyan Share Online. We are hopeful of a new horizon to be drawn on the globe of CDE.

Come, join the Caravan.